Martin Lehmann

The Manager

I have a degree in mechanical engineering though my career in this field was only short-term. Already in 1991, I stepped into the wholesale business of electronics and telecommunications. From 2000 to 2004, I was managing director at HB Telekom, that is, Dangaard Austria.But since the current Danish owners of the group preferred one of their own in this position I decided, in 2004, to become an independent employee within the Telekom sector. Since 2013 I own shares in a number of companies in different branches. I consider myself an all-rounder and truly like to work with people. It gives me pleasure to be active as an entrepreneur: to manage my own business; to launch new business ventures in cooperation with young partners; or, as partner in a team, to lend my support to existing businesses. As member of a corporate group, I quickly learned that unrealistic goals for growth only led to the frustration of the staff and, in the end, completely undermined their motivation. As a shareholder, I take a very different approach: chances on the market have to be reasonable; expectations of excessive growth are to be avoided; mutual respect must be maintained at all times.

With increasing age, moreover, the enjoyment of life – be it fine dining, good wines, or meaningful conversation – also assumes ever-greater significance.