We invest in entrepreneurs, both women and men,
in whom we place our trust.

Our part

We guarantee our support.

ING3 was founded by us, three engineers with different experiences and fields of interest. What drives us is our enthusiasm for entrepreneurial ventures: recognizing which particular enterprise possesses potential, optimizing various processes, and, even in the face of working relations shaped by fairness and mutual respect, striving for lasting success.

We invest exclusively in entrepreneurs, both men and women in whom we believe. Not only do they come up with unique ideas concerning the products they want to market, but they are also burning with a desire to succeed. We provide the capital and /or the know-how either for a limited period of time or on a long-term basis as shareholders.

Of course, we also want to make some money with our undertaking. Still, it remains of vital importance to us to develop companies, products, and ideas that are of lasting value. Organic growth instead of artificial bubbles.

Our Team

Three friends with one goal


From head to toe


We always keep our eyes and ears open for interesting challenges in the business world. Our services might be called upon by startups, by already existing companies planning on further expansion, by businesses in need of a successor, and, lastly, by enterprises requiring assistance of a general and of a specific kind, the latter including the task of corporate reorganization.

Production & Commerce

We all have a background in commercial transactions, even if in different sectors. Our need to create additional value and “to accomplish something” has led us to increasingly focus on production.


We know all about the highs and lows as well as the pitfalls of business life, especially when a business enterprise slips into a crisis.

Figure CTM

Hier wäre eine Unterzeile fein

Das Produkt

Weit hinten, hinter den Wortbergen, fern der Länder Vokalien und Konsonantien leben die Blindtexte. Abgeschieden wohnen sie in Buchstabhausen an der Küste des Semantik, eines großen Sprachozeans. Ein kleines Bächlein namens Duden fließt durch ihren Ort und versorgt sie mit den nötigen Regelialien. Es ist ein paradiesmatisches Land, in dem einem gebratene Satzteile in den Mund fliegen.


We look forward to exciting projects!

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