Reinhard Schwarz

The Analyst

I am a skilled electrical engineer, having completed the first part of my studies at the Technical University of Vienna. Business School, in retrospect, would probably have been the more appropriate choice. Soon after my first professional experience with Commodore Austria (It has indeed been a long time since then!) as controller in the Service & Support department, I changed over to the commercial division, while also working at, among other firms, Nokia Austria. This was followed by a period of self-employment as a wholesaler in the Telecom- and Consumer Electronics industries, while still performing various tasks as controller, such as accounting and finances. Soon, however, I joined my family-owned business where I currently act as consultant for operational accounting and controlling. I also consult in matters of IT programming and the strategic monitoring of companies, especially in cases involving the formation or reorganization of firms. My expertise as an analyst lies in the meticulous investigation of problems together with propositions of workable solutions and in carrying out new assignments. In addition, I can claim a wide range of experience in virtually all areas relating to corporate structures.

I am highly motivated to share my knowledge with incorporators of new companies and assist in the breaking up of faulty structures in existing enterprises.