Andreas Fleck

The Marketing Professional

I am a fully qualified electrical engineer. At Gebauer & Griller I had my first experience with optical fibers as well as with the building up of an assembly department. In 1997, I became involved in the planning, developing, and marketing of local and wide area networks at Schrack Seconet. Between 1999 and 2009, I was Sales Manager Austria at Raychem, respectively Tyco Electronics, and as such responsible for wide area products of copper and optical fiber. Additionally, in 2004, I was placed in charge of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, and Hungary. For the last six years, I am an independent contractor distributing passive products to set up wide area networks. Since 2013 I own shares in companies located within the telecommunications industry.

My strength lies in sales and in preparing client specific technical solutions in the field of telecommunications. I deeply care about cooperating with partners as well as colleagues and customers on the basis of fairness and mutual trust. Similarly, I feel quite strongly about cultivating the art of leisure and, in this connection, the chance to enjoy excellent red wine.